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7 telltale signs you are eating too many carbs

You have acne


You must have heard people say that they are on a low or no carb diet. Usually, most of them are usually struggling with weight management. But carbs are not all that bad and our bodies need them for energy. What is bad is eating too many of them.

You need to know whether you are having too many of them so that you can cut down. In relation to that, if you exhibit these signs, it’s clear in black and white that you should do something about your carbs intake:

1. Hunger Pangs


If you are always hungry, the problem could be your carbs intake. Because taking too many carbs means you could be neglecting proteins and fats. Proteins and fats take long to digest and they thus keep you full for longer, unlike carbs.

2. Fatigue

Have you been feeling tired and sluggish even if you have not been working? Your diet may be to blame. Carbs give you short term energy after which you are left feeling lethargic.

3. High blood sugar


If you went to the hospital and the doctor said that your blood sugar has gone up, you need to cut on your carbs. The body converts the carbs into sugar which is released into the blood. As such, too many carbs can actually make you diabetic.

4. Mood swings

Eating too many carbs increases the blood sugar which in return affects one’s moods. It could be the reason you’ve been feeling irritable for no apparent reason.

5. Weight gain


Isn’t that obvious? If you are looking forward to cutting your weight, cut your carbs intake as well.

6. High cholesterol

We all know how dangerous high cholesterol levels are to our bodies. A diet high in carbs is associated with high levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and low levels of HDL (good cholesterol).

7. Skin problems


What you eat will always betray you. Studies show a close relationship between people who eat too many carbs and acne. 


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