Interesting reasons why married couples have king-sized beds

A little bit of room doesn't hurt...

Some believe that the king size affects certain aspects of a married couples relationship such as intimacy while others like the space that it provides especially when the couple has kids. sought out to get some answers and to find out why exactly married couples opt for king-sized beds.


For the married couples that have children a king size bed seems like the perfect option for them.

“It most definitely provides more room when you have kids,” said Jane, a mother of two who has been married for seven years.

The kids do not sleep in the bed the entire night but it definitely saves couples from the kicks and blows from their kids turning in bed all the time.

If your partner is one of those that have annoying sleeping habits such as snoring or knocking you out of bed, then a king size bed can help you get a piece of mind.

"A queen size bed is too small especially when you want your own personal space. We do not always cuddle and touch the entire night because it does get hot and uncomfortable sometimes," Jane said.


For the young newlyweds, a king sized bed seems like the perfect option for them as they have all the space they need to fool around.

Some couples have however confessed to feeling like the big bed can affect intimate moments such as cuddling and touching as their partner is too far from them so they cannot just roll over and get close to their partner.

3.Different work schedules

Having a king size bed can help especially when you have a crazy work schedule.

For Jane and her husband a king size bed works out perfectly with their work schedules seeing that they are both in the airline industry and regularly have conflicting schedules.


A bit of a downside when it comes to having a king sized bed is that it can sometimes prolong an argument or somehow make you ignore some issues that you may be having in your relationship.

The bedroom is an intimate room that you and your partner get to share some of your inner deepest secrets and serves as a place for the both of you to unwind.

When couples go to bed angry at each other however, scientists reveal that a bad memory is formed from the argument and gets engraved in the brain making it harder to shake off later.

They also added that negative memories are harder to shake off as compared to positive memories.

In short, never go to bed angry at each other.


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