Warning! Sperm count in men has reduced to half

43,000 men were tested and scientists discovered some scary facts.


New research shows that the sperm count in men has reduced by half.

The study that was done by Isreali researchers on the quality of sperm dating 1976 to 2011 revealed that over the years the sperm count in men has been gradually reducing and is now half way out.

The test that was done on 42,935 men revealed a 52% decline in sperm concentration and a 59% decline in total sperm count over the past 40 years

Involving men from over 50 countries, the study noted a decline of 1.4% per year in sperm concentration with an overall drop of 52.4% during the entire study for men living in industrialized countries. It also depicted a dip of 1.6% per year and 59.3% percent in total sperm count.

Causes of reduced sperm counts

Sonya Lunder, a senior analyst in the study states that the male body produces sperms every day. However, Dr. Hagai Levine of Hebrew University of Jerusalem states years of research blame chemical exposure to the declining number of sperms produced.

In their paper, the researchers noted that recent exposures to environmental chemicals would have an effect on sperm, which serves as a good indicator of contamination, while also serving as a good biomarker of men's health. However, there's no particular route to the reduction of sperm quality and sperm count for men. There are multiple factors at work such as obesity and climate change.

How to increase sperm count

To be honest, the list of don'ts especially when it comes to protecting yourself from chemical exposure are a tad too taxing. However, a healthy diet, exercise, and reduced chemical exposure should do the trick. Also, add supplements rich in Vitamin C and Zinc to your daily must haves.

The men in research were mostly from Western countries.


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