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3 things that happen when you love sex but your girlfriend doesn't

If you ever find yourself in this situation, these are the three ways it negatively affects your relationship.

"I love sex a lot and my girlfriend does not"is one of the most recurrent, biggest issues couples have in relationships.

True, there are a litany of things that could go wrong to bring a relationship to ruin but unbalanced libido ranks high among the ones that couple often find themselves unable to overcome.

And if, as a guy, you ever find yourself in this situation, these are the three ways by which it affects your relationship.

1. Confidence


You're going to wonder a lot, if she's saying no to you because she finds you awful in bed, if she's repelled at the sight of you or if the idea of touching her makes her body crawl.

It could cause you to have body insecurities where you start to wonder if she's rejecting you because of your size, weight, etc. This could also do a lot of damage to your confidence and ego.

2. Resentment and loss of communication

What often comes next as a result is broken communication. You want to talk to her about it, but you have done so many times and she has refused to change, so the idea of talking and communicating your needs no longer makes sense.


This leads to unresolved issues, resentment and other pent up negative energy.

3. Cheating tendencies

You'll begin to wonder if maybe she's cheating on you. If not, how come she says no to sex more than she says yes, and the few times she says yes, her body language shows it clearly that she can't wait for it to end?

On the other side of the cheating coin, being denied sex for so long makes you consider trying out other people. It aggressively tests your decision to stay faithful and in the long run, it could make you fall into the temptation which could eventually wreck your relationship.


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