Ladies, here's why you have no business dating broke men

Say no to broke guys

Broke man (Courtesy)

I genuinely feel that broke men have no business trying to date.

What for? I think you should use that energy to try and look for a job or start a business and elevate your life. Getting into the date world without a coin of your own, you’ll only be frustrating that woman and sure, you may find someone willing to love you as you are but ladies, does the heart really want what the heart wants? Why should you be stuck with a man who does zero for you when you can be with someone that loves you and still does everything for you? I’m not saying that money is everything but that does not mean that you should tolerate someone who has nothing and especially one who is not doing anything to better his life. Here are disadvantages of dating broke guys:

1. You will always split your bills or even end up paying for him since he cannot afford to treat himself.

2. Basically, you will be the breadwinner. Imagine housing and feeding a whole grown ass man?

If it’s temporary, that’s understandable but if this is a man with zero ambition and he’s looking for a woman who can pamper him, then you deserve better.

3. Forget about anything considered as luxury.

Fine dining, vacations, nice gifts etc. Hizo utaonea Instagram with other people who made better choices of men.

4. You may be tempted to cheat on him when you come across a man who gives you everything.

5. Your relationship will probably be super boring.

What’s there to do without money? You cannot Netflix and chill forever. Life is too short.

6. He will probably have low self esteem.

Broke men constantly have inferiority complex because they feel like you’re judging them for their broke status.

7. At the end of the day, this man may even leave you when and if he ever gets money.

You definitely deserve better. 


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