In January is when most

Majority of unmarried couples also seem to end things in January.

These could be the reasons why.

1. New Year New You

For most people, a new year is a herald of new beginnings. They want to indulge in their resolutions and their dreams. Part of those dreams is eliminating relationships where they felt like they were being held back.

2. Christmas

Christmas can be a relationship killer. Especially if you used the event to introduce your now former significant other to your family. When you realised how hard it is for them to get along, you then decide to end things.

3. Holiday pressure

During the holidays, there is a lot of activity. Travel, parties, family events etc. A lot of them require coordination. Over the year, you and your bae have been fine because most of your plans were independent of each other's decision making. However, having to make plans together with your partner shows that your relationship may not be as excellent.

4. Financial constraints

Being broke puts anyone under stress. But when you add a nagging partner to the Njaanuary mess, it becomes a bit hard to deal with a relationship.

5. Low libido

After the exhaustion of the holidays, growing pains from the onset of brokeness from January, stress after returning to work etc., it's hard to have to keep up a sex life. Because of this, most couples find it easier to just break things off.