Ladies, here are places that men love to be touched and kissed


Couple kissing (Courtesy)

I feel like sometimes, men are so neglected, especially when it comes to pleasure.

Men spend a significant amount of time giving us sexual pleasure and to be honest, many are the times we do not reciprocate and even when we do, it’s simply a blow job, hand job and a kiss – not that those are bad, but, you can do a lot more to pleasure a man than just suck his dick. Sense of touch is literally everything you guys. The same way women like to have their breasts licked and their necks kissed, men too do have places where they love to be touched and in fact, we will comb through them so that the next time you’re intimate with your boo, you can give him a lil extra extra loving. It’s important to note that at the end of the day, people are different though, some people might like their ears nibbled on and others may not. That being said, for a majority of men, touching these areas will be a major turn on.

1. The neck.

When you hug your man, touch the back of his neck gently with your hands. You can also breathe lightly on his neck, while hugging and talking to him, kiss him and lick him on the neck – less tongue ladies, nothing too much; slight use of teeth too will trigger a surge of love hormones and I guarantee you that you will turn him on more than ever and this is owing to the fact that the neck is a super vulnerable area and it’s quite erogenous.

2. Lips.

Don’t just kiss his lips, gently touch them with your clean index finger, run it across his lips, kiss them, suck on them gently, bite them – not too much, just enough. One of my personal favorites, press his lips together and run your tongue across them. That will drive him wild ladies.

3. The sacrum.

So, this is a part that may not be familiar to many people but it’s basically the base of the tail bone. That part just above the bum, where the but crack starts. Some men may be uncomfortable with the idea of being touched there, if he’s up for it, give him a massage on the said area without putting too much pressure on the bone itself. Work the soft tissues around the area as well as the pressure points, without exerting too much pressure or rather being too firm.

4. Perineum.

You probably already know about this spot and if you don’t, well, today is a good day to learn about it. The perineum in layman’s terms is basically the area between the balls and the anus. When you are giving your man a blow job, do not just suck his penis and balls, take your time to also massage the perineum and lick it with a lot of saliva. The area is highly erogenous and any man will tell you that they enjoy having that area stimulated. Try different things like rubbing it with your fingers, applying some pressure on it, roll your knuckle on it, lick it and once you find out what your man likes, then stick with that. It’s important to note that not all men are familiar with this so, start slow, watch his response then proceed as he may not have experienced it before. Ease him into it, after all, it’s for his own good and pleasure.

5. Inner thighs.

You probably love it when your man touches your inner thighs right? Well, guess what? The same goes to the men. Inner thighs are an awesome place mostly because the area is sensitive and it’s also teasing because you’re near the penis and balls, not quite touching them just yet…but…heading there. Stroke the V-path of the groin going down to his inner thighs. Be gentle with the groin because it can be pretty sensitive for the guy.

6. The shoulders and his back.

Approach him from the back, hug him and kiss the back of his shoulders, neck, going all the way down to the spine; come back to the front and lick and kiss his navel area which is also super sensitive.

7. The ears.

Of course, we could not leave the ears out. You have probably had your earlobes nibbled and kissed before and you felt like you were in cloud 9 right? Well, the sensation goes two ways. The men love to have their ears kissed and licked too. Lightly breathe into them as you gently lick and kiss them – feel free to nibble just a bit. There’s something so sensitive about the ears I'm somehow convinced that there's a form of G-spot somewhere in there. Hehe kidding, but you get the drift...


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