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Hilarious ways Kikuyu men introduce their wives

They should borrow a leaf from their brothers


The language of love is not for everyone. Or rather, some people are just not good at it.

While a man from the Lakeside will talk highly of their better half and introduce them in such a lovely way, our brothers from the Mt. Kenya region are always short of words. Clearly, romance it’s not their thing. Probably it’s due to the common belief that if you shower your wife with praises, she will be proud. So, you are safe by not fully expressing how deeply you feel about her.

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But really, every woman prides in a man who shows her love openly and introduces her to friends in a romantic manner.


‘Meet my beautiful loving wife, Mrs Otieno’, a Luo man will introduce the wife.

‘She is the reason behind my ever sparkling suits and mother to our lovely three children’ he will add.

Now, that’s really romantic, right? And that’s what it is like to be in a relationship with a Luo man. They are not perfect and you may lack many other things if you are married to them. But for sure, you will never ever fall short of love.

But with all due respect and without stereotyping anyone, how many men from Central Kenya would speak so highly of their women in front of their friends? Of course, there are still some romantic guys from central Kenya. But doesn’t one rotten apple spoil the barrel?


If you have interacted well with our beloved brothers from the central region, we bet you must have heard how they introduce their wives. Check out a few ways and be the judge:

‘Watu ndio hawa’ – this literally means ‘these are the people’. Like honestly, don’t these people have names? It’s such a vague introduction but you may just have to bear with it if you fall in love with our brothers. It even sounds worse when said in Kikuyu.

‘Huyu ndiye mama watoto’ (read in kikuyu accent) – While this is not a veeery bad way of introducing someone, it shows no sense of ownership. Why not just say, ‘Huyu ndiye mama watoto wangu?’


‘This is the one I have been telling you about’– Really? So what specifically about her have you been telling them?

‘This is the one who gives me a headache’ –Well, this might sound like the rudest way one would ever introduce you. But believe you me, Kikuyu men believe it’s a sweet way to say that their wife is stubborn. And you shouldn’t get mad about it really.

Anyways, these are not probably the worst. Which is the most annoying way someone has ever introduced you?


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