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How millenials are making weddings more fun

Weddings in recent times have become so much more fun, and millennials are at the very heart of it.

This bride gorgeously rocks a soft pink

White dresses, compulsory church ceremonies and other old-school formats of celebrating a couple's big day.

While these things are not bad, millennials seem to be all out to change the landscape of weddings and they are doing a very beautiful job of it.

By building on traditional formats and tweaking them here and there, millennials have made weddings become a lot more fun in the following ways:


1. Wedding dresses

The options available to a bride are now limitless. And more interestingly, wedding dresses no longer have to compulsorily be in white.

Times have changed and the trend allowing brides to wear gorgeous wedding dresses in other colours is in full swing.

2. Social media influence

The social media boom coincided with this generation, and millennials are stopping at nothing to make the best of social media in their celebrations.


Twitter-themed weddings, engagement announcements on Instagram, wedding hashtags... the list goes on and on.

3. Pre-wedding photos

Imagine the number of weddings from 2012 that have tapped into the rave of pre-wedding photos. Pretty huge numbers.

The culture is here to stay, and many more brides and grooms are surely going to make the best of it.


4. Wedding roles

No longer are wedding roles as 'traditional' as they once were.

Remember the sister who joined her brother's groomsmen, and the Brazilian bride that chose an all-male crew of friends for her bridal shower.

And just last week, we reported another guy who served as the 'flower girl' at his cousin's wedding!

5. Marrying later


The average age for men to get married in England and Wales is 36.7 years and for women it’s 34.3 years - far higher than the mid to late twenties which was average 40 years ago.

Even in Nigeria, more female millenials are being advised to drop the notion that they have to get married married quickly because of their ticking biological clocks.

Careers and self development are getting more attention before the young and funky settle down in marriage.


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