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5 ways women allow men to take advantage of them

It is not him it is you. This is how women let men take advantage of them.

The guy either never paid enough attention to them or they never wanted to fully commit to them – whichever the case there is always something.

While this may sometimes be the actual situation, sometimes it may be the woman that is allowing certain things to happen to her.

1.You don’t believe that you deserve better


You think that the situation you are in is just fine and there may be other people who may be having it worse than you are.

A bad situation is a bad situation so never downplay the problems you are having just because someone else is having it ‘worse’ than you are.

2.You baby him

Women have a natural motherly instinct and it is very easy to baby your man.

You are constantly doing things that he should be able to do for himself. You may be always cleaning up after him or nagging him about sending his CV to a particular job application.


You are not his mother but his woman. Do more encouraging things other than actually doing it for him.

3.You hang around hoping that he will eventually see your worth

When someone shows you who they are for the first time, you need should believe them. In this case, if he initially shows no interest in you then you should believe him and move along with your life.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

4.You are comfortable just the way things are


Women tend to get blinded by the love they have for a guy. A lot of these times they don’t see how a guy can be bad for them because they got comfortable.

If he doesn’t call you up after a long time you’ll still stick around because that’s just the way he is.

5.You don’t stand your ground

Everything that he says goes. decisions that the two of you are supposed to make together, he always ends up doing them for you. Women should learn to stand their ground in whatever situation they are in.


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