7 impressive gift ideas for your mother-in-law

She will love you more

She will feel more loved, appreciated and it will also strengthen your bond. If you have been having issues, a gift is also a great idea to get closer to her and set a new beginning.

Here are brilliant gift ideas for you for your mom-in-law:

1. Crockery and cutlery

Mothers love having new utensils in their kitchen and she will be excited to have a replacement of her old cups and plates. Get her a new set of glasses, hot pots, and modern cooking pots. But you will also have to check what is missing in her kitchen and what needs replacement so that you do not get her something she already has.

2. Kitenge

Search for the best and latest kitenge designs in town and surprise her with the fabric. If you know her measurements, it will be cooler because you can buy a complete outfit or have it designed for her.

3. Shoes

'Nitavaa na viatu gani?' she might ask. So, why not get her a comfortable pair of shoes that perfectly matches the kitenge outfit? Even your husband will love you more for that.

4. Bible

Most mothers are church going women and a Bible is a gift that they would all appreciate. Odd enough, most of these women do not have Bibles and if they do, it's an old, tattered Bible that they cannot even carry to church. Don't you think it's brilliant to get her a colorful Bible and a Bible case as well? She will be amazed at how concerned you are about her spiritual well being.

5. Smart phone

Everything is going digital and you cannot have your mother-in-law left behind. I am certain she really wishes to swipe her fingers through the smart gadget but it's not just on the list of her priorities. Make her dream come true by getting her a great and simple to use smartphone.

6. Cooker

So there is this modern cooker that she saw at her friend's place and she can't stop talking about it. If she didn't like, she would not be giving it too much credit. That's what she wants only that she is not saying it.

7. Trip

She is too old to travel? Not yet. When schools close, make arrangement and take her out for a trip with her grandchildren. After that, take her out shopping and she will live to bless you and thank God for giving her such an awesome daughter-in-law.


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