7 reasons you should not kiss on a first day

You risk getting an STD

Couple about to kiss (Courtesy)

First dates are tricky. You want to leave a great lasting impression, but at the same time, you want to let them know you liked them (if you did) without coming off as too desperate. It’s normal to go on a first date and connect with the person so well, you feel that you’re compatible, you’re both attracted to each other physically and there’s a bit of chemistry. At the end of the date, you may be tempted to go in for a kiss. In fact, you have probably kissed someone on a first date at least once in your life. It’s okay, really. However, you should not make it a habit as we have all the reasons why it’s not okay to kiss on the first day.

1. First of all, you don’t know what that mouth do, or where’s it’s been.

For all you know, the person could’ve been licking bums, vaginas and penises before he/she came for the date. Point is, you really don’t know this person yet, not forgetting that a tone of STDs have no symptoms and can be transmitted orally. In such days where HPV is being passed on so easily even by our celebrities, you might wanna take a chill pill on that kiss till you get to know the person better. Like, way better!

2. Slow down, it’s too damn early.

You’re not sure of this person’s feelings towards you. Surely, after 3 hours of being together, you cannot simply have decided that you could see yourself with this person in future. You don’t also wanna come off as too easy to get, which takes me to the next point.

3. Kissing on the first date may make the guy expect more.

Like sex after…if you’re so ready to kiss a random nigga you just met, might as well be ready to give him more and that may be the mentality of the guy.

4. Kissing on the first date kills all anticipation.

The purpose of the first date is to get to know the person, see if you can both get along and if so, hopefully score date number 2. Now, if you have already talked about everything on the first date and even kissed, there will not be too much to look forward to for the next date right? What you wanna do is leave the guy wanting to see you a little bit more sooner after the first date. Of course, you could flirt a little bit but hold off on the kiss to build that anticipation.

5. It can be downright awkward.

Imagine if you read the wrong signs during the date, lean in for a kiss and the other person wasn’t ready and interested and you’re left there absolutely mortified. Or you lean in to kiss the lips and you’re given the cheek. Yikes…to be safe, take things slow.

6. You might involve your feelings too early on.

Let’s face it. It may be just a simple innocent kiss but that can connect the two of you on an emotional level and you may catch feelings after kiss which can be a little too soon. What you want to do is not get your feelings and involved even before you know whether or not that date will materialize into anything, or even before you know if you really like him/her.

7. It can be considered as a sexual assault.

In this day and age where consent is really important. You just might be slapped with a law suit for sexual harassment if you try to kiss or fondle someone who is not in the mood for it. In addition, some people may also have evil intentions and even frame you for assault, or the person may be underage. So, yeah, there’s that too. Bottom line? Just be patient. Follow your heart but take your brain with you.


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