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Where are they now? Couple behind Sh100 wedding speaks on marriage & expanded family

7 years after their viral wedding in 2017, Wilson Mutura and Ann Wanjohi share how their marriage has been

Wilson Mutura and Ann Wanjohi

In an era where lavish weddings have become a measure of love and social status, the story of Wilson Mutura, 32, and Ann Wanjohi, 26, stands as a profound testament to the power of love, resilience, and simplicity.

Their journey, which began with a modest wedding ceremony costing only Sh100 in 2017, has evolved into a narrative of enduring love and gradual prosperity, inspiring many across the country.

In a recent TV interview on February 14, the couple shared updates about how their lives have changed since the viral wedding that made news headlines.


Wilson and Ann's love story commenced in the serene town of Nyahururu in Nyandarua County, where they met at a church conference.

Unlike the tales of instant attraction, their affection blossomed over time. Wilson, having faced heartbreak in the past, was initially hesitant to pursue any relationship, while Ann, affectionately referring to Wilson as her "brother in Christ," harboured feelings she was yet to reveal.

Their relationship was a slow dance of patience and subtle hints, with only two meetings over four years, challenging the conventional notions of love at first sight.

Ann eventually initiated their dating phase in a bold move characteristic of her deep feelings.

She cleverly asked for Wilson's number under the guise of brotherly love, a strategic step that laid the foundation for their future together.


This decision marked the beginning of a journey filled with challenges, dreams, and unwavering support for one another.

"I am the one who approached him because we had met some years back. I was telling him to give me his number as a brother, but I had an intention but I didn’t want to disclose it to him at that point. I had to play my cards well," she said.

The couple's aspirations for a grand wedding were met with harsh realities, as financial constraints made it impossible to fulfil their dream.

Wilson was working as a mkokoteni cart vendor selling fruits on commission, and Ann was under the impression that Wilson owned the business.


"We had no intention to show people that you can do a wedding with Sh100. We wanted to have a big wedding with a gown, suit, and good cars. I planned for 4 times to have a wedding. I tried to get my committee to support me with money but it didn’t happen," he shared.

At one point he thought about his situation and suggested that they break up because he could not meet her expectations.

However, Ann was supportive, saying that she was ready to do anything to be with him.

Wilson's proposal to proceed with what little they had was met with Ann's unconditional support, highlighting her commitment to their love over material desires.

Their simple Sh100 wedding became a viral sensation, drawing attention from far and wide. While some admired their simplicity and courage, others were critical.


Despite the mixed reactions, the couple's story underscored the essence of true partnership and the minimalistic beauty of their love.

Today, Wilson and Ann have seen significant improvements in their lives. They now reside in a better home in Kasarani, raising their first child together. Wilson's job at Bonfire Adventures and Ann's aspirations to join the media industry depict a future filled with promise and ambition.

Reflecting on their journey, Wilson and Ann shared heartfelt advice and insights. Wilson emphasized the importance of commitment beyond financial stability, crediting Ann's presence in his life as a transformative blessing.

Ann, on the other hand, advised young people to remain authentic, trust in God, and work diligently towards their goals. Their story is not just about the viral sensation of a Sh100 wedding but a deeper narrative of love's triumph over material constraints.


Wilson and Ann Mutura exemplify the enduring power of love, faith, and resilience, serving as an inspiration to many that true happiness lies not in grandeur but in the simplicity and strength of love.


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