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List of Things Meghan has given up to be with Harry

Wow! Even Instagram?

I don’t know man, I’m not sure I would enjoy living like a Royal. It sounds boring, I mean, the idea of spending your life in some castle, doing charity work and waving your hand like some stiff statue…and the fact that I can’t wear anything I feel like, tweet a bunch of nasty stuff and get lit every now and then. Haiwes mek...

But that’s me and I’m not married to a Prince. Back to what’s important, so Meghan has had to let go of some things to be with Harry.

Here’s the list.

1. Social media.


No, not even Instagram. Plus, things like partying and hosting parties are a no no.

2. Her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

In fact, as of now, it has already been pulled down and when you head over to The Tig, all you find is a farewell message.

3. Her US citizenship.


Yup, she’s now going to be a Brit...

4. Her Toronto home.

Who needs a home though when you live in a palace?

5. Some of her clothes.

The Royal dress code is modest and even things like dark or overly bright nail polish aren’t allowed so yeah, our girl Meg has to give up her shorts, faux fur, cut outs, plunging necklines etc., and welcome gloves, tea length dresses and fascinators.


6. One of her dogs.

Sadly, one of her dogs was too old to travel. Poor doggy doff will not join in on the Royal life…

7. She has to get used to walking around with body guards.

8. She cannot take part in politics.

Royals never get involved in political matters. They have to remain neutral when it comes to politics. Even voting is not allowed!


9. Her nicknames.

Her title officially changed to Duchess of Sussex the minute she married Prince Harry so her friends will now say bye to all the cute nicknames and adopt the formal title.

10.  Her acting career.

Being a member of the British royal family is a full-time job, so, unfortunately, we'll have to say goodbye to seeing her as Rachel Zane on Suits.



From Cali accent to Bri-ish accent. Eventually, she will most likely adopt a British accent.


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