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Miguna defends Obama against his brother Malik

Let it go- Miguna advises Barrack Obama's brother Malik

Vocal lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna

Vocal lawyer Miguna Miguna advised Malik Obama to stop tarnishing his brother Barack Obama's name on Twitter.

In an exchange of tweets, Miguna reasoned that what the older Obama brother was doing was aiding President Donald Trump and tainting Barrack Obama's image.

The estranged brother to former USA president Obama had posted a fake Kenyan birth certificate which claimed to belong to the former USA President.

"Chief: Let your brother live in peace. Stop helping @realDonaldTrump - a white supremacist -smear your brother in the mud," Miguna commented on the post.


Live your life

However, the elder Obama brother claimed that what the former USA President had done to him was similar to what President Uhuru Kenyatta administration had done to Dr Miguna.

Malik Obama posed a question to Miguna asking: "Why won't he speak up for you? He's fake."

In his response, Dr Miguna stated it was ok if Barrack Obama did not address his unjust exile from Kenya.


"It's OK even when he doesn't. I know he is a weak man who did zero for Africa, Africans and Africa-Americans; betrayed Gaddafi and presided over a regime that oversaw mass murder and incarceration of too many African-American men to be defended. But let go," he said.

"Live your life and live him alone. Despot Uhuru Kenyatta DESTROYED a house I built with my sweat. Obama didn't destroy your house. Uhuru DETAINED, TORTURED & EXILED me illegally. Obama did not do that to you. Uhuru has violated my rights. Which rights of yours did Obama violate?" the exiled lawyer posed.

Malik speaks

Malik explained that his brother neglected them when he became President.


"What he has done to me is like what Uhuru did to you. We loved him with all our hearts but he turned his back on us and poured humiliation upon humiliation on us. Stingy as s**t! When he had nothing and came to Kenya we welcomed him with open arms and shared with him...." his tweets read in part.

"An Act Of God. He becomes president and he thinks he's God. No respect for his elder brother. NONE," Malik added.

He also sympathized with Dr Miguna and castigated his exile from the country despite numerous court orders which indicated that he was free to return to Kenya.


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