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Marriage proposals gone Horribly wrong [VIDEO]

With the recent marriage proposal of popular singer Vivianne on citizen TV’s show 10 over 10, compiled some of the most embarrassing wedding proposals ever:

It is even bolder for a man to organise a public proposal either at a restaurant, shopping mall, tv show, a live game, etc to seek her hand in marriage. In this regard, the chances of being embarrassed are clearly more public than a private date with you and bae.

Rejection could seem okay if it is private, other than when showcasing your life to the whole world on Facebook live, snap chat and whatnot.


1. Lost Ring

A guy proposing to his girlfriend during a live game in the US dropped and lost the diamond ring for almost five minutes while he was on his knee already. I bet that could have been the longest five minutes of his life.

At the same time in New York City, a guy identified as Don Walling planned a proposal at the Brooklyn Bridge.

When he went down on his knee in front of his girlfriend, Gina Pellicani, he opened the box but accidentally dropped the ring between the planks of the wooden bridge. Oppps!


2. Attacked by geese

A couple in New Zealand was attacked by a group of geese when the guy had romantically planned to propose at a park in the country.

“We had reached a spot he thought was clean enough and he got down on one knee, began his romantic proposal but was promptly interrupted by a goose attack,” the lady narrated.

The two love birds ran to their car where the proposal was finalized.

3. She says No


Probably this is the worst way a marriage proposal could ever turn out. No guy wants a no to a question they have been rehearsing for days to ask.

4. A third Party Spilling the Beans

Making all the arrangement for the grand day then having a third party ruin it by accidentally revealing the surprise to your soon-to-be wife before popping the question can be horrific!

5. Scaring off your girlfriend


With the new flash mob style of proposing there is the risk of scaring off your girlfriend from the location.

6. Risk of eating the ring

When out for that fancy date then you decide to hide the ring in the ice cream or cake, there is a high chance of her biting into it. Therefore be careful!


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