Millie Odhiambo breaks down in tears while answering Duale's question

Emotional moment in parliament

Millie, who has recently kept a low profile, was contributing on a proposed law that seeks to increase equalization in the distribution of national resources.

She later mentioned that she had personal issues which have touched her greatly and made her to go silent on political matters.

It was then that National Assembly Speaker Aden Duale rose on a point of order asking the vocal MP to shed light on the personal matter that was causing her concern.

"The honourable Millie said there are issues that have touched her and made her to go queit. Does she have the pleasure of sharing them so that we can help her," Duale stated.

Millie responded by stating that she did not mind sharing before giving an emotional speech.

"I have my own personal issues but they are not the ones that are causing me pain. For example, I have a brother who is sick."

"What is touching me is when I remember a little boy who was shot dead in this country. When I remember people who were killed in front of me...," the MP narrated before breaking down in tears.

"We need to get serious with our politics, we cannot be coming here every five years and being told people dies but we must move on," the Suba North MP stated as Duale sat on his seat in a pensive mood.


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