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Miguna Miguna's heated interview with Jeff Koinange sparks massive online debate

Miguna refused to answer questions

Miguna, who appeared angry at the Government's stand to disregard court orders allowing him back in the country, lashed out at the current regime mentioning that he was still fighting to come back in the country.

The self-declared NRM General refused to answer any questions directed at him, blaming the media for glorifying tyranny and at the same time questioning who Jeff was working for.


“We were doing this interview because you made derogatory remarks about me, you claimed that I was not a Kenyan citizen and I wanted you to prove today where you got that information from. What evidence you have and clearly you don’t have any evidence, you have tabled none,” said Miguna Miguna.

Here are reactions from netizens;

@WycliffeOndwariRetweeted Samuel Muriithi (@sammiemuriithi): #JKLive@KoinangeJeff utajua haujui. @MigunaMiguna is not the kind of man you will have a dialogue with. You must listen to him. He answers questions that you are about to ask and the ones you forgot to ask.

@CenetorDaniel#JKLive@MigunaMiguna is too thunderous to be handled in a tamed and twisted interview. You must make roads straight and level before engaging general #NRMKe... Jeff we are the members of NRM come for us!


@Xtheguestdjlast night on #JKLive, Jeff was trying to force the General @MigunaMiguna to confess to renouncing his citizenship.. it was like Jeff was the immigration officer on duty on the day it happened.. but when asked to TABLE the evidence, he just tapped the desk in front of him..

@AbdiazizIAbdulI respect @MigunaMiguna for standing up to these despots...miguna is the victim here..not the despotic duo...Jeff is definately a jubilee mole..#JKLive

@M_otweyoI like how you put some idiots into their rightful place on #JKLive. The despots are afraid of you General. We shall win this were eventually #BringMigunaHome#BringMigunaHome

@Asamoh_Jeff Koinange is a funny character. You are criminalizing @MigunaMiguna while protecting merchants of impunity who have disobeyed over 10 court orders on his illegal detention and deportation? Can’t you be logical if not intelligent?


@henrydietoh#JKLive lacked objectivity. @MigunaMiguna is the medicine for such bigoted journalists

@citizentvkenya@KoinangeJeff#jklive miguna miguna is man who his mind is programmed not to answer questions out of his program unless you reprogram him that is you ask and act to his wishes

Brian Lisaka Miguna's wife has the hardest job on earth. Living with such a man is not easy. The wife deserves an Oscar award.

Fb Eye Miguna is very bright and untainted but Jeff that was rude just selecting that part of clip that have been used for comedy. You should not have shown that particular part and thanks mr Miguna for realizing that and telling it straight to your face that that wasn’t funny. That’s fd up man!


dekuleh We have gotten used to so much mediocrity and tribal buffoonery that we find MM as an unreasonable person. That is how far we have decayed as a society. MM is only asking that the Court Orders be obeyed..... is this difficult to comprehend or what could I be missing? Someone help me understand.

Miguna the interviewer, the interviewee and the analyst at the same damn time. #JKLive

Jeff should realize that there were more than tell court orders, so ask reasonable questions # we stand with miguna miguna


@KoinangeJeff was almost pinning @MigunaMiguna down, but the bull rose up like a champ. Next time Jeff, Next time.. strong strong man

Miguna Miguna is too Rude to be a Kenyan again, remember,he had already renounced his citizenship...and he needs to reapply for the said documents.However, his ego cannot allow him to do that. So he'll keep on slamming Raila and Gov't to stay in the public limelight.


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