Days after Uhuru responded to Oscar Sudi, another Ruto ally insists Kenyatta family must surrender “grabbed land”

Jubilee MP's tough message to Uhuru

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa, who was elected on the Jubilee Party ticket, sensationally claimed that the war on corruption could not be won if the President's family continued to hold large pieces of land allegedly grabbed from the public.

The vocal MP further claimed that President Kenyatta's fight against corruption was targeted at Ruto whom he described as a hard worker.

“I embrace the fight against Corruption and I will always stand for it, during his tenure former President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta used to waylay and kill their opponents especially those who used to complain about their grabbed land, lifestyle audit should start with him and his family,” Barasa told a public rally in Kimilili.

He added that the country is struggling was with the problem of squatters who can benefit from the land if it is returned to the public.

Barasa's statements came just two days after President Kenyatta told a BBC reporter that he would not mind if the lifestyle audit started with his father Mzee Kenyatta as demanded by Sudi - another ally of the Deputy President.

"We can even go back to my grandfather, great grandfather. . .  What we own, and what we have is known to the public. If there is an instance where someone can say what we have done is not legitimate, say it, and we are ready to face any court,” the President said.


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