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Kaizer Chiefs' staunch fan at risk of twerking for wife after losing bet [Video]

Papa Wawa mentioned that his wife, Mama Wawa, had downloaded Rihanna's song 'Work' for him, presumably in anticipation of his twerking promise.

Papa Wawa of Kaizer Chiefs

Kaizer Chiefs' die-hard fan, Papa Wawa, left people in stitches when he was caught on camera disclosing the promises he had made to his wife before their match.

Unfortunately, Kaizer Chiefs lost 1-0 to AmaZulu, and Papa confessed that he had been extremely hopeful they would emerge victorious.

He went on to reveal that he had made a bet with his wife, Mama Wawa, promising that he would twerk for her all night if the Chiefs lost.


"The way I was confident coming to the stadium, I even told my wife, Mama Wawa, that if we can lose this game, I'm going to come back and twerk the whole night," Papa Wawa said.

Papa went on to mention that his wife had even sent him a screenshot to prove that she had already downloaded Rihanna's song 'Work.'

When questioned whether he would fulfill his twerking promise that night, he flatly denied it, stating that there was no way he was going to follow through with it.

Lelzzz 🫶🏾 This man loves his child and wife (Papa wawa and Mama wawa)🥺


hirzell22 Mama Wawa had a show that night😭

Motlokwa❤️🫂❤️ Next time the promise must have money in it, mama Wawa will be rich soon🤣.

Nhlakanipho Mkhize M sure MAma Wawa dawnloaded the song b4 the game begins😂

BURU If u watched this 2x come let's gather here😂🤣🤣🤣papa wawa mama wawa den wawa.


user7017141062937 Hahaaaa, mama wawa, do it and show us the video, stand by u Mama Wawa.

Comedian Arap Uria accomplished his much-anticipated cycling expedition from Eldoret to Nairobi on May 30, culminating in his arrival at the Parliament buildings in Nairobi.

On May 25, Arap Uria declared his plan to undertake the challenging 311-kilometre journey from Eldoret to Nairobi if his beloved Chelsea lost to Manchester United.

Regrettably, Manchester United triumphed over Chelsea with a resounding 4-1 victory, leading Arap Uria to commence his journey to fulfill the promise he had made, contingent upon the match's outcome.


Upon his arrival in the city, Arap Uria received a modest reception from a group of boda boda riders, despite his preference for being welcomed by the Sports CS.

Images of his arrival were shared online, prompting Uasin Gishu County Senator Jackson Mandago to invite him to his Nairobi offices.

Uria shared a photo with the former Uasin Gishu County Governor, who was dressed in a Manchester United jersey, and expressed his gratitude for the warm reception.

Uria did not manage to reach Nairobi within a single day, but instead, the journey took him four days, with each day presenting its own unique challenges.


Upon cycling all the way from Eldoret, Uria made his first stopover in Eldama Ravine, where he underwent a medical check-up.

While in Eldama Ravine, the bicycle he was using experienced a minor mechanical problem. Uria shared an image of his bicycle being repaired.

On May 28, Uria shared a post on his social media, informing his followers that he was experiencing a mild muscle strain.


Consequently, he had to make an additional stop in Naivasha for a check-up and some rest.

Uria diligently kept his fans updated on the progress of his journey, making several stopovers along the way, until he eventually reached Nairobi.


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