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Top 10 most attractive football coaches

According to SeatPick's research, Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag emerged as the hottest football manager, scoring an impressive 7.78 out of 10

From left: Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta, Eric Ten Hag, Carlo Ancelotti & Jose Mourinho

In a fascinating study conducted by SeatPick, the sexiness of football managers was analyzed using a combination of social media analytics, computer vision algorithms, and factors such as net worth, height, and Twitter mentions.

SeatPick analyzed over 100,000 tweets mentioning the managers' names. Emphasis was placed on tweets containing the term 'sexy' and related emojis.

Standardized images, meeting specific criteria, were collected and used to calculate the geometric golden ratio for each manager.

Net worth and height data were sourced from reliable sources such as Celebrity Net Worth and Taddlr.


The results shed light on the top contenders for the title of the sexiest football manager, as well as the criteria used in determining their scores.

According to SeatPick's research, Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag emerged as the hottest football manager, scoring an impressive 7.78 out of 10.


His net worth, height, number of 'sexy' tweets, and golden ratio score all contributed to his top-ranking position.

Ten Hag's undeniable charm and appeal have garnered significant attention and admiration from fans.

In second place, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta received a score of 7.35 out of 10.

Despite having a higher net worth than Ten Hag, Arteta narrowly missed out on the top spot.


Nevertheless, his good looks and overall appeal have made him a strong contender in the sexiness department.

Both Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City manager, and Jose Mourinho, the Roma boss, tied for the third position with a score of 7.07.

While Guardiola scored higher according to the golden ratio, Mourinho outperformed him in other aspects such as net worth (the highest in the top ten), height, and the number of tweets and emojis referencing their sexiness.


Securing the fifth position is Carlo Ancelotti, the esteemed Real Madrid boss, with a sexiness score of 7.02.

Ancelotti's management skills combined with his appealing looks have earned him a respectable place among the sexiest football managers.


Steven George Gerrard former player, and the current Aston Villa manager took the sixth position with a score of 6.77


Arsène Charles Ernest Wenger was the manager of Arsenal from 1996 to 2018, where he was the longest-serving and most successful in the club's history.

He took position seven on the most attractive football coaches with a 6.66 score


David William Moyes is a Scottish professional football manager currently managing West Ham United.

He scooped 6.46 points in the list making him number 8 most attractive football coach.

Everton boss Rafael Benitez, despite ranking ninth, possesses a sexiness score of 6.24 out of 10.


His high net worth and percentage of tweets referring to him as "sexy" contribute to his overall appeal.

Kevin Keggan, the legendary Newcastle manager, completes the top ten list with a notable 5.06 score according to the golden ratio, showcasing that good looks can transcend social media popularity.



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