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This is how police Rescued the girl who got drugged on Uhuru Highway yesterday

It is increasingly becoming dangerous to be a road user on the busy urban highways. Criminals are turning to sedatives and other drugs to render their victims helpless before attacking.


Bizarre tales of people being conned or robbed while in private and public vehicles are on the rise with each passing day.

However, it appears the thieves are choosing to use drugs more and are finding ingenious ways to drug their victims. Yesterday a woman escaped by a whisker from falling victim to one group of cons.

The lady had picked a flier from a supposed vendor on the street and immediately got dizzy, and fainted.

She was along Uhuru highway and luckily, police along the road saw her and helped her through the situation.


The supposed vendor was nowhere to be seen and police believe the flier was drugged to render the victim unconscious so that she could be robbed.

Her incident comes a few days after a matatu crew was exposed for targeting women by drugging them using syringes and robbing them.

Yesterday a gang of two men and a woman was caught on camera robbing from a lady in a daylight event. More incidents of motorist being targeted are being reported as the robbers get daring and callous in their methods.

The flier incident was reported by a Facebook user Sarah Njoki whose post went viral as the public become more suspicious and alarmed by the new crime wave on the highways.

This is what she posted online and the photos she provided


Photos Courtesy Sarah Njoki


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