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I started from selling earrings - Betty Kyallo as she unveils new venture

It is the most challenging business venture I have ever gotten into - Betty

Media Personality Betty Kyallo

Celebrated media personality Betty Kyallo presided over the official launch of Magic Business Center, along the Nairobi's busy Ronald Ngala Street over the weekend.

Ms Kyallo, who is a co-director at the commercial rental space, narrated that she had managed to rent out the premises within the span of one year.

She admitted that the process hadn't been free of its own challenges but she was grateful for all the strides made as far as the project was concerned.

“Today is a very big day for me and my co-director Rosemary here at Magic Business Center. We started last year, and as you can see these are eleven floors, five floors on one end and six floors on the other end. Two wings of young people doing business and empowering themselves.


“It is the most challenging business venture I have ever gotten into but right now when I look at all the young people doing business here, feeding their families, empowered, I just feel humbled and grateful. This is a commercial rental space and I’m used to doing all things related to beauty but I decided to change and try something different,” Betty Kyallo said.

During the launch, the Flair by Betty CEO revealed that she ventured into the business world as a student at the university and that she started by selling earrings.

“I started my business by selling earrings from Dubois Road. That was my first business, I was selling earrings to my college mates. Kuna zingine nilikuwa nauza kama bra but hizo hazikuenda sana (I also sold bras but I didn't make much from it). The reason I’m saying this is because I want to encourage everybody who is here, no matter what you are doing, as long as you are doing something keep at it, be consistent, and believe in yourself,” Betty advised.

She went on to divulge that all the challenges she has been through in life have shaped the person she is today.


“This world has really taught me to believe in myself. Being a celebrity is very easy to find yourself on the wrong side of public opinion. I have gotten to learn how to believe in myself even when nobody does. And this is something that I want all young people to emulate.

"I believe in myself so much and I love myself so much because I’m my only home because whenever everything is going right or wrong I can be able to come back home to myself,” the media personality stated.

Betty asserted that when you believe in yourself the world has no choice but to align.

“The world makes us doubt ourselves so much. 'Am I pretty enough? Do I have a small waist? Am I eloquent enough?' All these things make us constantly question ourselves. But when you start believing in yourself the world has no choice but to do the same. If you asked me two years ago if I would be part of something mega like this, I would have said, 'Are you crazy?' But today we are launching this business. So don’t ever give up on yourself, start small and you will go places,” Betty charged.


The event was hosted by Dr Ofweneke and attended by her close friends, business associates, her siblings Mercy and Gloria, as well as their parents.

“I’m so happy for you coming to grace this occasion for Betty and Rosemary… I’m happy that they have started something together. I pray for you every night at 3:00 a.m. for you to prosper,” said Betty Kyallo’s mother.



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