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Here Are 20 Of The Most Disgusting Things That Miguna Miguna Said To Esther Passaris Last Night

Miguna went off script and launched into a lengthy, sexist drivel that soon drowned out poor Esther and made her such a lamentable guest, it became incredibly hard to watch.

When Miguna Miguna exploded on Esther Passaris last night, not even her expected the kind of verbal assault the man had with him.

The show had only one purpose - to speak to the Nairobians and address their development and governance issues.

But as history has proved in the past, JKL is not exactly the most appropriate platform for sober arguments be put across.

More often than not, the Jeff Koinange show disintegrates into verbal chaos, hasty walkouts, surprises and embarrassing episodes of linen-airing and expletives.


Yesterday was one of the classic JKL moments - Miguna Miguna squaring off with Nairobi's most gorgeous politician on who was best suited to take over City Hall and dethrone Evans Kidero. (A man Miguna had nothing but utter contempt for.)

Jeff introduced the show quite normally and we assume he hadn't foreseen the amount for fireworks and anarchy that would follow soon after.

No sooner had Jeff made his traditional opening remarks than the sparks started flying off on all corners.

Jeff innocently asked a pumped-up Miguna Miguna to be the first to speak - First to the camera and then to his opponent Esther Passaris, who sat demurely between the two men, modestly dressed and not aware of what a long night she was in for.

And out of nowhere, the animosity broke out almost instantly.


Miguna Miguna tried to avoiding being goaded into 'attacking' Esther but the Adopt-A-Light founder seemed to want to fight. And then, all hell, in a proper Miguna characterization, broke loose.

Not one to entertain stupidity, Miguna shut down even the host himself , edging out Jeff Koinange, taking control of the show, and bombarding Esther with so many verbal bombs it almost got to a fist fight.

Miguna grabbed her and chewed her up to bits, crushed her and vanquished her, exposed her and shredded her to pieces and then spat her out like a bad vomit.

Esther couldn't be heard in the din of Miguna's attacks when kept coming and coming.

He went back in the and dug up all of her scandals and past misdeeds. He quoted dates and months and names and statements attributed to Esther leaving everyone bewildered and stunned.


The show degenerated into a stray dog slugfest quickly with Miguna reducing Esther to a mere, reproachable sexual object and even exclaiming at some points "Everyone wants to rape you Esther!"

Twitter, in the meantime, lit up in epic proportions as thousands of tweets threatened to crush the platform.

But for the sake of you who didn't watch the show. Or those who couldn't catch it on Youtube (KTN has deleted the whole thing from Youtube) here's a little breakdown.

Here Are The 20 Of The Most Disgusting Things That Miguna Miguna Said To Esther Passaris Last Night

1. I did not come to here to attack. I have no interest in attacking her


2. She emerged from nowhere, ati Mama Supuu

3. She's selling beauty, she thinks beauty gives you credibility and integrity to go for leadership

4. Esther Passaris is nothing but a flower girl

5. Why don't you ask your lawyer?

6. You lose all your cases, you can sue me ten times it doesn't matter


7. Esther Passaris in the 26th of October 2005,you were named in parliament as having obtained the contract to Adopt-A-Light un-procedurally

8. Esther Passaris your files in city hall stink to the high heavens

9. Esther Passaris on the 27th of December 2007, at the Pentagon house, in the impending days when Raila's victory was almost certain, you announced to the gathering, after Raila is inaugurated, you will take a 30 days sex holiday to Seychelles

10. You're a socialite bimbo!

11..... Whose only claims to fame is because she looked to billionaires for sponsors


12 Esther Passaris you can Sue me a million times and it would not bother me

13. This is a flower girl for Kidero... She's paid and sponsored by Kidero to stand

14. "You are chasing men all over... Esther, nobody wants you. are too old... nobody wants you..who wants you ..who wants you...?"

15. "Esther... nobody wants you ... you think you are beautiful... you are not."

16. "The cartels who think you are beautiful... they sent you here."


17. "It's just colour...Esther, it's just colour... Without the colour you are are absolutely are are not beautiful... You have nothing...

18. Everybody is raping Esther...

19. Esther I am NOT one of these men that you can chase around

20. You're too common. You're too old. Who wants you??

Man! And it's not even Friday yet!


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