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No one is willing to talk about it - Kenyan survivor of Saudi exploitation tells all

Rose Kate, recently deported from Saudi Arabia due to non-compliance, revealed she had reached out to prominent figures in Kenya seeking assistance and a way out of her harrowing ordeal, but received no response.

Lady from Kitui Rose Kate narrates her experience in Saudi Arabia

In a shocking revelation, a Kenyan woman identified as Rose Kate has shed light on a distressing situation where Kenyans in Saudi Arabia are allegedly exploiting their compatriots under the pretense of promising better job opportunities.

The victims, mostly women, are lured into a web of deceit only to find themselves trapped in a dating business where they are coerced into giving their 'bosses' commissions.

Rose Kate, originally from Mwingi in Kitui County, had initially been a businesswoman in Mombasa. Seeking a fresh start and new opportunities, she decided to travel to Saudi Arabia to explore different job prospects and give her mind some respite.


After connecting with an agent in Nairobi, she underwent training and embarked on her journey to Saudi Arabia, expecting a better life.

Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, Rose started her job, but it was far from the promises made to her. She encountered a person who connected her with Kenyans in Saudi Arabia, promising a good-paying job.

Unfortunately, the reality was starkly different. She was handed revealing clothes, indicating a line of work she had never expected: dating.


Despite her discomfort and unfamiliarity with such a profession, Rose felt trapped, unable to escape her employer's clutches. Leaving the employer's premises was not an option, severely limiting her movement and freedom.

The job involved interacting with strangers through dating applications and meeting them at their homes.

According to Rose, the recruitment for this distressing job allegedly involves Kenyan individuals based in Saudi Arabia.


These recruiters deceive vulnerable individuals, promising them appealing jobs and attractive salaries, only to push them into this exploitative dating business.

Refusal to comply with their demands could lead to physical abuse, indicating the harsh realities these victims face.

The victims, often confined to a single location, live in shared accommodation, contributing money towards food and rent.


Those involved in recruiting and managing the victims often force them to find clients, and a portion of the earnings is taken as commission. These women are left with no choice but to comply with these demands.

While some manage to escape this horrifying reality, others fall victim to theft and further abuse by the people they chat with on dating apps.

The distressing accounts shared by Rose Kate, if true, have exposed an alarming secret, shedding light on the perilous situations many Kenyans face in Saudi Arabia.


Rose Kate, desperately seeking a way out of this nightmarish scenario, said that she reached out to influential personalities like Mike Sonko, Lynn Ngugi, and Betty Kyallo among others but did not get any help.

She urges them to help expose this issue and take necessary action to rescue those trapped in this dire situation.


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