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“Something black flew in the air and dropped to the ground.” Woman shares a shocking account of how a female jogger met her tragic end

In September, a bus dangerously swerved off the road and overturned at the busy Lang’ata road killing a first year student at Multi Media university named Cynthia Akoth .The accident also claimed 3 other lives and injured several others.


Last week and elderly white man was hit and killed by an errant matatu driver on a zebra crossing. The matatu driver was said to have been escaping traffic but his escape proved to be brutally tragic as it claimed a life.

Just over the weekend, another matatu tragedyhappened during the recently concluded Nganya Awards that went down at the K.I.C.C.

A video doing rounds on Whatsapp shows people celebrating on and hanging from Ronga's finest matatu called 'Catalyst'.  A matatu a Saudi prince has allegedly expressed interest in after its big win at the Nganya awards. A matatu that carried American singer Trey Songz during his Kenyan visit.


But the celebration quickly turned into horror after someone got ran over by a matatu. The victim clad in blue jeans, a grey hood and a blue t-shirt didn't survive the tragedy as the matatu crushed his skull and his brain spilled onto the tarmarc.

After people on the 'Catalyst' saw what happened some scampered for safety while others went to see the body that lay on the pavement. With some holding their heads in horror and others shouting in shock.

But it seems that the matatu menace is far from over as a woman recently got hit by a bus while she was out jogging.

In a Facebook post, Sian Saitonik shared the sad tragedy that met a jogger alongside Valley Road:

Sharing from a fitness group I am in. Just incase anyone can help....


I still feel the chills noting that I do road work.

Today at approximately 06:15 as I was jogging up Valley road struggling up the hill in my own thoughts. Suddenly I heard a loud screech and when I looked across the road I saw a blue KBS bus near NPC church swerve as something black (like the bus tyre) flew off in the air and dropped to the ground. The bus stopped and I assumed it was a tyre burst. When I got closer to my shock and horror I saw a lady dressed in black jogging attire lying flat on the road unconscious with blood gushing from her head. I didn’t recognize her, she's tall dark, slim and her hair style is black and blondish corn rows (lines.)

People started crowding and cars were causing a traffic snarl up. I tried to stop cars for assistance and a man told ‘madam sasa tutasaidiaje maiti?’ So I jogged up to Hurlingham roundabout and informed a rider cop of the incidence and he rode to the scene. I was so disoriented I didn’t go back, I went round to town. The whole time I kept wondering about her family. I am informed the Nairobi hospital ambulance picked the lady. I called and informed Silver Springs gym and Premier gym just in case she might be their member.

In the interest of informing her loved ones kindly pass the information to fitness groups and gyms so that they can do a head count just in case she’s their member and they are not aware. If you know of a friend, family or neighbor who jogs in Valley road area please call and check on them. It is the least we could do."


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