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Anchor’s 'trouser tree' causes a fuss on Kilimani Mums

In August 2014, fine-looking actor Idris Elba sparked rumours that he has a "massive manhood" after pictures from the set of his film ‘A Hundred Streets’ , showcasing a huge protuberance in his pants made their way to the internet.

Mike Okinyi

He later came to clear the air and said that was not his penis but a microphone wire he needed to conceal during filming.

'The good news is i got a sh*t load of followers. The bad news is, that is a mic wire,' he tweeted to 1.17 million of his fans explaining the pants situation.

In an interview with Maxim Magazine, Elba went on to describe this misunderstanding as ‘fun’ because of just how fast his Twitter followership rose after the transformer photos made their way to the internet.

“For a minute, the rumour was great. I saw my Twitter account rise. I was like, 'What is this popularity? Oh, oh, I see, it's 'cause they think I have a massive penis.' But we all had fun with it. I certainly did.'' He said.


Fast forward to two years later, Mike Okinyi almost broke the internet after a bulge decided to pop up during a recent news bulletin. What's worse, someone took a picture of the ‘package’ that has spread extensively on the World Wide Web.

The Citizen TV news anchor’s mentions on social media have risen sharply and the latest to weigh in are the naughty Kilimani Mums who had a humorous reaction to all this:

Unlike Idris who decided to give a happy-go-lucky response to the commotion his ding-dong had caused, Mike chose not to give the gossip life by responding to it.

He chose to talk about football instead.


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