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3 iconic villainous roles that established Angie Magio as the unruly queen of TV

Remember when Kate turned her friend into a cat in 'Maza'? TV actor Angie Magio has graced screens in numerous Kenyan telenovela series, executing her villain roles with passion.

Selina actress Angie Magio

In today's era of social media and hashtags, few Kenyan actors have experienced the harsh scrutiny of fans as intensely as Angie Magio.

Magio has graced TV screens in numerous Kenyan telenovelas, and what sets her apart is her consistent portrayal of villainous characters.

She has a penchant for playing these roles, even admitting that they are her favorites.


Angie Magio embarked on her acting career in 2002, taking her first steps with a non-governmental organization known as SAFE Pwani. She first appeared in 'Kandanda', a short film, followed by several leading roles in various productions.

It was evident from the start that she had a unique talent for portraying complex, sinister characters.

Angie has appeared in several productions with the same role but she undeniably left a lasting mark on fans' hearts in these three series; 'Sultana,' 'Selina' and 'Maza.'


One of Angie Magio's recent roles was that of Fatma in Citizen TV's 'Sultana' series which began airing on March 7, 2022.

In this narrative, she plays Buya's wife, the mother of Dida (Winnie Bwire), and a sinister side chick to Major Jabali (Suleiman Fadhili).

The character Fatma is portrayed as a chaotic woman who stops at nothing to achieve her goals, even if it means pushing her daughter to marry the son of a wealthy man.


Her underlying motive is to get closer to him, and she is willing to make extreme sacrifices to achieve this.

She abandons her husband, pushes Jabali's wife to the brink of insanity, and moves in with him, leaving a trail of chaos in her wake.

Angie Magio's portrayal of Messina in the award-winning Swahili telenovela 'Selina' has earned her a reputation as 'the devil.'


Messina is a character who defies traditional motherly love. She is described as a relentless go-getter who cares only for herself and is willing to sacrifice her children for personal gain.

Her ruthless and selfish nature has made her one of the most memorable and talked-about characters in Kenyan television.

'Selina' is not only one of the most-watched shows on Showmax but also one of the most-discussed shows in Kenya, thanks in no small part to the unforgettable character of Messina, brought to life by Angie Magio.


In 'Maza', Angie Magio portrays Kate, a character who harbors intense jealousy toward her best friend, to the point of turning her into a cat and stealing her life. This memorable performance earned her a Kalasha nomination for Best Actress in 2018.

The show, produced by Lulu Hassan, takes the audience on a 10-year flashback journey to the time when Lea, Dingo's wife, mysteriously disappears, never to be seen again.

After years of emotional turmoil, Dingo and his two children, Maya and Badi, must find closure.


During this turbulent period, Lea's best friend, Kate, visits the family. She is warmly welcomed but quickly begins her transformation into the perfect replacement for Lea.

Angie Magio's portrayal of Kate's envious transformation and her captivating performance in 'Maza' stands as a testament to her exceptional talent.

Beyond her on-screen villainous characters, Angie Magio is a loving mother. While she is a resident of Mombasa, she spends most of her time in Nairobi.


In addition to her notable roles in 'Sultana,' 'Selina', and 'Maza', Angie Magio has made appearances in various other films and series, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Some of the other titles she has been a part of include 'Dosari,' 'Utandu', 'Sumu La Penzi,' 'Nishike', and 'The Kalimani Dynasty.'

Angie Magio has also featured 'Zari', a series that launched on September 18 and premiered on Maisha Magic on October 9, 2023, and is also a production by Jiffy Pictures.


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