Kenyan rapper Notiflow has called out singer Madini Classic for using the word Omena in his latest song

In his song that he features Vivian, Madini asks her girl to stay with him despite being broke.

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Notiflow who is Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa’s girlfriend goes on to tell Madini that his voice is not that bad but he should upgrade.

@madiniclassic , this ain’t classic at all Ha ha. I mean who still sings ‘tukule omena tu mi nakupenda’ enzi za mababu zetu . (Thanks to Dully I know some Swahili sanifu lol].  I mean girl child, are you really willing to date / marry a total broke loser and eat omena bila nyanya for the rest of your life and shave your hair just coz y’all can’t even afford to make it? Think  To tell the truth Mimi ati unalima lima shamba unakam umebeat unanuka kasweat ati babe nipende nilivyo tukule omena.. nigah please … “How dare you try to holla when you don’t even got a dollar. Wanasema mapenzi matamu ila pesa Ni sabuni ya roho ( Again, Dully ) #Madini, sauti sio mbaya ila Dah! Upgrade. Na Kile kidem kilicopy outfit yangu ya #Tupendane  aaaargh..,” she posted on his Instagram account.

Good fan

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However, in his response, Madini tells the former Nairobi Diaries Actress that he is not annoyed at her comments since he knows she is just a good fan.

“Siku zote mwenye njaa hakosi story....@notiflow nambie unawashwa wapi nikukune Ain't annoyed though....sababu najua wewe ni shabiki mzuri tu.... Nitakuwachia mashabiki zangu”, he posted on his Instagram account.