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10 photos of newly crowned Miss USIU 2016 that proves she isn’t fugly after all

Most people doubted her looks won her the crown she had on her head, and KOT went on to ruthless trolled her claiming judges chose ugly over beauty for Miss USIU 2016. But that’s not the case, not at all.


Nigerian lady, Nneka Enyantu Obi, was recently crowned Miss USIU 2016 (USIU stands for United States International University Africa) and twitter erupted with fire.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) unapologetically tore into Nneka Enyantu Obi claiming she had a face for radio and therefore she didn’t deserve to win Miss USIU 2016.

But KOT trolled Miss USIU after seeing only one photo which went viral on social media. A look at Ms Obi’s other photos tell a completely different stories.


Yes she might not be Kim Kardashian pretty but certainly she is not the horror that KOT painted her when they stripped her on Twitter.

There are instances where a photo taken may portray someone to look ‘not so appealing’ in the eyes of many even if they are attractive. This was the case with the newly crowned Miss USIU 2016.

Ghafla! has bumped into some of her photos posted on social media, and the story is totally different from what KOT portrayed of her.

Nneka Enyantu Obi has the looks of most models we see strutting on runways at various beauty pageants across the world.

See her photos in the gallery below:


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