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9 ravishing hairstyles to try out before the year ends (Photos)

Ladies, which of these are you trying?

2019 hairstyles to try out (Courtesy)

The beauty of black African hair is that it’s pretty versatile and can be manipulated into so many styles because of its texture. While that is a great thing, it also presents difficulties when it comes to choosing that one style to rock. Think about it – you have a choice of cornrows, box braids, crochet styles, and a tone of other black girl hairstyles so selecting one style can be a bit difficult. Still, it’s better to have options than lack. Speaking of options, if you’re looking for a new hairstyle to rock before the year ends, well, look no further – we have compiled a list of bomb styles that you can try out – a majority of us black women, especially those that fall in the older demographic choose to have one signature style and stick with it and that’s fair enough but, it’s also good to sometimes take the less traveled road. Break out of your comfort zone and try something completely new and different so long as it’s age appropriate of course! You never know, you just might surprise yourself and others by looking completely stunning and hey, reinvent yourself – a new you.

1. Bob styles.

There’s a myriad of bob styles that you can try out and the great thing with bobs is that they suite nearly all head shapes, while accentuating facial features. You could consider a mid-part, side part or even bangs when it comes to bobs. Good thing with this style? If you cannot afford a human hair weave or wig, you can use a semi-human weave and the result will be equally good.


2. Goddess faux locs.

Let out your inner island girl in gorgeous curly goddess faux locs. Get them in a lengthy size so that you’re able to style your hair differently, for different occasions.

3. Pixie.

Pixies are coming back in the most fashione-y way. What we love about this style is that not only does it suit women of all ages and face shapes, but also comes in tow with the option of rocking the style without necessarily having to cut your actual hair as you can use a synthetic or human hair weave or wig instead. The style is super chic and can be a dramatic switch up especially if people are used to seeing you wear your hair in braids or long weaves and wigs.


4. Tapered cut.

Chopping off the hair is always a very big decision. They say that when a woman cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life. Then again, we all know that it can be scary and that’s where the tapered cut comes in because you’re not really cutting off all the hair but leaving a wee bit at the mid-section. In fact, you can have a small curly weave at the mid-section if your hair is not the curly kind to achieve a nice tapered cut look.

5. Adorned styles.


Love a bit of glam? Try out styles that present you with the opportunity of using accessories. It could be adorned braids or for instance the ‘Hamisa Mobetto’ style. You could play around with different DIY styles, thanks to YouTube tutorials. Adorned styles are most suitable for younger girls as they're a perfect form of self-expression.

6. Sister locs.

If you’re thinking of getting permanent dreadlocks, why not give sister locs a try? Sister locs are thinner and much easier to style, compared to normal dreadlocks. Another advantage is that you do not have to shave your hair and start from scratch. You can have sister locs even on permed hair so no excuse.


7. Faux ponytail.

Faux ponytails are such a convenient way to switch up hairstyles while doing the bare minimum. All you need is your gel if you have un-permed hair and different DIY faux ponytails. You could use a weave, braid or marley hair to get a straight pony or curly one and not only is the style uber chic, but also brings out your facial features plus it’s an opportunity to show off all your gorgeous earrings!

8. Passion twists.

These are the new braids in town ya’ll. They give off that messy braid twists look that we love. Get a hairdresser who knows how to fix them and rock them. Would be a nice break from the good old box braids.


9. Natural hair crochet style.

Sure, there are a tone of crochet styles out there and most of them are stunning, plus, they protect your hair. However, the straight natural hair looking ones are so stunning. It’s like you have this big puffy natural hair; the only difference is that it’s not your actual hair, though it looks exactly like yours and….wait for it, it’s easier to comb.



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