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Common panty problems and how to deal with them

Every girl should know these hacks

Panty hacks for girls

Despite panties being an everyday outfit, some girls still make mistakes that often lead to embarrassing malfunctions. While not every woman wears them since some prefer to always go commando, the listed below hacks will save you from discomfort and malfunctions:

1. Avoiding camel toes

We all know how embarrassing camel toes can be. if you are used to wearing tight pants and jumpsuits, you need to make sure that you don’t end up with a camel toe. To avoid that, place a panty liner on your panties and you are good to go.


2. Goodbye visible panty lines (VPL)

Even a good outfit can change your whole look if you have a VPL. That is why the panty you wear should always depend on your choice of outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a body-con dress, then thongs or seamless panties are your best friend. You can also consider going commando if you are okay with it.

3. Panty showing above your jeans


We have all seen this, especially in matatus. A lady bends and you can see her panty popping above her jeans. This happens if you wear low-waisted jeans with high waist pants. If your jeans are low-waist, pair them up with a low waist panty.

4. High-waisted panties to conceal belly fat

If you have belly fat, you might notice that it appears to be bulgier when you wear a low waist panty. Solution? Wear a panty with a wide waistband or one that is high-waisted so that the belly fat is tucked into your panty.


5. No more wedgies

This is probably the most uncomfortable thing that can happen to you. Bad enough, it tends to happen when you are in presence of people and you can’t just dig it out. To make sure that you don’t experience wedgies, always make sure that your panty is well-fitting. It shouldn’t be too small nor too loose.

6. Choose underwear colour depending on your outfit


When wearing a white outfit, you will want to stick to nude colours for your panty. Brightly coloured panties will always show through your white outfit. If unsure of what nude colour to settle for, black is your sure bet.


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