7 face washing mistakes ruining your skin

Drying the face with towels is bad for the face! See more habits that's messing up your skin...


Over exfoliating and cleansing the face ends up messing up with the PH balance and moisture needed to keep the skin tight and youthful.

Though washing/ properly cleansing the face is a sure way to keep acne and any form of blemishes at bay (washing the face however doesn't necessarily indicate deeply cleansing it!) .

To get 'clean' skin, washing the face with soap isn't enough as deep cleansers and toners should also be used to rid the skin completely of dirt and other form of dead skin that makes the skin breakout.

In doing the above however, some people go overboard and end up leaving the skin worse that it was.

1. Not washing the hands first

The hands carry germs most times when they are dirty so not washing the hands before washing the face only introduce germs which cause breakouts,acne and more.

2. Not using the 'correct type of water'

To keep the face clean, the pores should be well cleaned. After cleaning the skin with lukewarm water for instance use hot water which helps open up the pores for thorough cleansing and finish with cold water which helps to close them back.

3. Not using the right cleanser

Its important to always use the right cleanser for your skintype.

4. Not following the proper steps

It's best to follow a routine that keeps the face squeaky clean. Essentially start by removing make up first with wipes/makeup remover, cleanse then wash the skin and follow up with other routine.

5. Over exfoliating the face

Over exfoliating the skin causes it to break out instead get to know your skintype and keep exfoliating to about once weekly according to skintype.

6. Wearing makeup to bed

Never wear makeup to bed, it ends up clogging the pores which leaves the skin prone to serious blemishes.

7. Drying with towels

Drying the face with towels is bad for the face as it has exfoliating tendencies that ends up disturbing the skin instead let the face airdry.


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