Clever stylish ways to rock your denim in cold weather

Enjoy the blues in style.

Rock full on denim for the cold season.

Yes, they are and there are so many incredible ways to rock them.

1. Pair it with a sweatshirt

Yup, it’s sweatshirt season and pairing yours with denim jeans should keep you warm and stylish. Try an extra large fit for the boyfriend look or a femme fit and show off your great curves. Femme fit sweatshirts tend to tighten around your waistline giving you a more voluptuous look.

2. Full on denim

Do it like Joy Kendi and rock full denim. Not only is it an extremely yummy look, you can add a slim thin body suit or long sleeve inside for the added warmth.

3. Add a sewn sweater

Not one for sweatshirts? How about a sewn sweater?

They’ve been a fashion rave for the last two years and there’s a big chance they are here to stay. Beyond being easily styled, appropriate for various settings (workplace and outdoors depending on the design) sewn sweater look impossibly sexy, especially when paired with a fitting denim.

4. Yes, there are jeans called cold weather denim

These are jeans with cotton linings inside that are meant to keep you warm. While they may be rare to find in Kenya (ripped jeans with Ankara prints on the rips are not cold weather jeans)  it should take about three weeks after an online purchase or get your old funnel shirts to your tailor for a winter revamp.

5. Add stockings to your Denim cutt offs

Miss wearing your tiny denim? Add a pair of thick cotton stockings to keep you warm and toasty.

6. Denim thigh high boots

Stylish, comfortable and definitely warmers, denim thigh high boots will keep you in fashion and warm. You can rock them with anything short without worrying about a freeze and shine.

7. Denim and African prints

Whatever the color and print, you can never go wrong when pairing Jeans and Ankara. try out a peplum or an African print blazer with your slim fit denim for a stylish look.

8.  Leather for the cold?

It’s possible. While by itself leather may not be the best for a cold season, there are so many blazers and tops fit with cotton linings for warmth. Mix it up with a good pair of denim and you are good to go.

9. Trench coat and jeans

Trench coats are so cheap you can practically find one on the streets(second hand) for as little as 300bob. When it comes to pairing them up with denim you can go HAM.

10. Faux Fur

Let out your inner animal with a faux fur coat and denim. They are not only sexy, bold and stylish. Faux Fur is… well… the warmest you can get this shiver-inducing July.


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