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7 Weird Wedding Rituals

Cultures across the globe engage in different rituals to mark wedding days - some of which can be very weird to those of a contrary background.

Different cultures across the globe engage in different rituals to mark this happy day - some of which can be very weird to those of a contrary background.

Crying Ritual in China

A group of people from china,  identified as Tujia, dictate that the bride prepares for her wedding by crying for 30 days before the ceremony.


The bride is expected to cry for one hour every day the 10 days later she is joined by her mother.

After another ten days the grandmother joins in the crying and this continues until all the females in the family are crying daily for an hour.

The purpose of this is to express joy and deep love.


The father of a bride in the Maasai community spits on her daughter’s head and breast as symbol of luck and fortune.


Her head is also shaved and lamb fat and oil is applied.

On the other hand, a groom has to prove himself a worthy warrior and husband by participating in the jumping competition with other young morans (warriors).

Kissing ritual

In Sweden, it is a tradition for the groom to disappear at some point during the wedding ceremony, then all the unmarried young men allowed to kiss the bride.

The same applies when the bride disappears, the unmarried female guest get to kiss the groom.



During the traditional wedding referred to as Ngurario, the groom’s ladies carry lots of gifts to the girl’s house.

Interestingly, it is an offence to put the goodies down in case they get tired. Doing so, results to them being fined huge amounts of money


Men in this Western African country value a large, full-bodied wife, which seemingly signify good luck and prosperity in a marriage.


Weirdly, before the wedding ceremony women are taken to fattening camps where they are forcefully fed so as to become fatter.

Smear with Trash

The Scottish people pelt the groom and bride with rotten food trash as a pre-wedding tradition.

They believe that if the couple can withstand this nasty ritual, then their marriage can face every storm.

South Korea


The night before the wedding the groom's friend remove the groom's shoes, tie his feet together with a rope then lift his legs off the ground and start beating the soles of his feet with a stick.

According to the ritual, this is meant to prove strength of character.


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