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Different types of customers you will meet when working in customer service

The customer who's always in a hurry, the one who tells you their life story and more.

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Working in customer service means being the first point of contact with customers.

Interacting with different personalities and addressing different challenges can be a great way of having one’s patience tested.

No two customers are the same but no matter the service industry, there are certain types of customers one will always meet.


This is the customer that is always in a hurry. They come in at 8:00 a.m. and expect to be done by 7:55 a.m. They do not understand the concept of a queue.

It doesn’t matter who came in before them, they need their services and they need it now. More often than not they are always waiting by the entrance hours before official store opening times.

You can go to the moon and back for this customer but it still won’t be enough for them. There is always something to complain about and most times it’s an irrelevant aspect.

This customer can even complain about the sun being too hot. The irony is they always come back for those same services they constantly complain about.


This customer is not particularly a bad one, they are just guilty of oversharing intimate details of their lives.

A few minutes of interaction with them will leave one with information of their cheating spouse or their week long constipation. Woe unto you if they come in 5 minutes to closing time.

No matter how low the price is, this customer will always feel as though they are being ripped off. They are always on the lookout for sales, offers and coupons.


One could put out a “non-negotiable” sign but they will still want price cuts and discounts. It could be March 23rd but they’ll be asking about the 30% Valentine’s Day sale on body wash.

This is everyone’s favourite. They enjoy your products and services and rarely give negative reviews.

Despite what competitors are offering, they are not easily swayed. Oftentimes this customer is open to giving feedback. The best part, they recommend you to their friends and family thereby growing your business.


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