See this easy DIY tutorial to upgrade your old doll shoes (Photos)

It's as easy as ABC

After all, you spent your hard earned earned money on them so why throw them away? Instead, you can give them out but before you do so, try and get crafty and think about the different ways you can upgrade your clothes or shoes. And when it comes to shoes specifically, there are many DIYs out there involving shoes.

One of the projects you can take on is upgrading your doll shoes with a lace fabric of your choice and color. Every girl has a pair of doll shoes or ballet flats. They're super comfy especially when running errands or when you need a break from your heels in the office. It's in fact advisable to always have a pair either in your car or bag just in case. Since we wear our dolls shoes every so often, they tend to get old pretty fast. But before you throw them away, try and upgrade them with this simple DIY. This method can also work on new shoes or boring shoes that could use a little sprinkle of flair. The good thing with this DIY project is that it's super easy, quick and will not cost you an arm and a leg.

What you will need:

1. Fabric glue or any strong glue like mod podge.

Depending on the fabric used to make your shoes, super glue may work too.

2. A piece of lace fabric that contrasts with the color of your shoes.

For instance if your shoes are black, you could get a lace fabric that's maroon or even orange in color.

3. Scissors.

4. A pair of doll shoes.


1. Start by cutting the lace into two small semi-circles which will be the part that covers the toe area of the shoe, and two strips which will go at the back of the shoe.

Leave out a small portion, so that the lace will not cover the entire front part.

2. Now use the glue to attach the lace you cut to the front part of the shoe.

3. Wait for the glue to dry then cut off any excess lace.

4. Glue the strip at the back of the shoe and allow it to dry.

Do the same for other shoe.

5. Voila, now you have yourself some cute shoes.


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