10 reasons why women love shoes

Shoes are every girl's best friend

When in doubt on what to buy a girl as a present, shoes are always a good idea. And it does not matter whether it's heels, flats or even sneakers. We love them in all designs and as far as we are concerned, there's nothing such as too many shoes. But, why are we obsessed with shoes? Here's the low-down:

1. First of all, heels make us feel sexy AF.

2. And confident.

3. You need to look taller? Heels to the rescue.

4. They fit like a glove.

Some of our clothes may remind us that we are adding weight and it's never a good feeling. But shoes will always fit unless we have swollen feet. That's definitely a much needed boost of confidence.

5. Shoes are a form of retail therapy.

When we feel a bit sad or need to reward ourselves, we just really need a pair of shoes. In fact, it's said that new shoes increase a woman's Dopamine levels. Think about it, have you ever seen a sad woman in new shoes?

6. They can turn an outfit from dull to dazzling just like that.

Shoes come in so many designs and colors. Sometimes, all you need to make an outfit pop is a standout shoe.

7. Let's not forget that men love women in heels...

They elongate the legs, give the woman posture and she feels sexy when  walking in them and we know men love that.

8. Plus, they can spice thing up in the bedroom.

Leaving the heels on while getting down and dirty can be a turn on.

9. Sometimes they hurt so much, but at least they will never wake up one day and tell you that they do not love you anymore.

10. There's a shoe for every occasion.

Wedges or block heels for day events such as weddings, high heels for nights outs and when we need to glam up, sneakers for a casual look, boots for cold seasons, sandals for a vacay and the list goes on. We love the variety.


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