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Top 5 pregnancy outfits to keep in your wardrobe

Here are top 5 highly recommended pregnancy outfits. What are yours?

Loose fitting outfits during pregnancy(FashionGHANA)

Back in the day, pregnant women had to endure uncomfortable, ugly maternity dresses. They also had to endure bras whose straps would cut into the shoulders and not accommodate the growing breast cup. Down the line, this leads to back pain and discomfort as you go about your day.

However, that isn’t the case anymore.

For a pregnant woman, there are multiple clothing items to make your pregnancy even more comfortable while still remaining fashionable.

Here are top 5 items to have in your wardrobe:


The first must have item is a jumpsuit. This is my all time favourite wardrobe item. It hugs all your curves and shows off the growing baby bump. They come in multiple styles so you can find formal ones to rock up to the office in.

They are also very easy to pair with sandals or doll shoes and a sweater or jacket.

The downside is the ‘getting naked’ every time you visit the washroom i.e. having to half undress. Beware, this will happen frequently.


This one goes without saying. They give your body enough room to breathe and can be paired with either sandals or doll shoes.

The beauty of sundresses is that they come in so many different colors, patterns and fabrics so you are spoilt for choice!

Depending on how formal your office is, you can find laid back styles and patterns that you can wear to work.


I find linen pants very comfortable since they are made of breathable fabric. Throw in drawstrings and you have a winner.

Due to the lightness of the fabric, they don't put pressure on your waist and belly. There's nothing more irritating than feeling like peeing every ten minutes because your pants are messing with your bladder.

They also come in various colours from muted colours to bright colours to brighten your day.

Pair them with a blazer and formal shoes for that official look.


Yes, you can wear jeans even at 9 months.

The key is to look for low riding ones that sit on your lowest waist. Pair with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual, laid back look.

You can also leave the top button open - just ensure the zipper stays up and wear a proper top that will cover the zipper.


A pregnant body goes through a lot of changes, from skin sensitivity to weight gain and bloating. It’s very normal for breasts to go up two cup sizes during pregnancy.

Nursing bras are specifically designed for pre, partum and postpartum. They hold the growing breasts and ease the pressure on the shoulders and back. They provide all the necessary support to carry out daily activities from working out to running errands and more.

No matter the stage you’re in, grab a nursing bra and your back will thank you.

There you have it, my top 5 pregnancy items. What are yours?


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