8 cool things to do if you're broke on Easter

Your wallet need not have the final say.

Your wallet need not have the final say.

No need to sulk, here are eight great things you can do on Easter when you’re broke.

1. Visit family

It’s always a fun time around family during holiday season. While you might not have enough money to buy gifts and carry your own homemade dish for sharing, family won’t shun away a good spot for simply coming over.

2. Binge watch television

This is the perfect time to binge watch all six seasons of Game of Thrones in preparation of the soon to premier Season 7. It’s rare that you’ll have a whooping four days to yourself ever again this year. Furthermore, alone time is great for relaxing and recap.

3. Or… read it out instead

Grab your latest novel and get lost in your own fairytale.

4. Try out new recipes

It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make do with what you have and come up with a new way of frying rice or learn how to make a new dish. Explore the possibilities, your taste buds will thank you.

5. When is the last time you took a stroll?

You’d be surprised at just how much you’ve been missing out on with the busy schedule that is work. Take a walk around your vicinity, catch up with old friends and you won’t notice the weekend coming to an end.

6. Meditate

This is the perfect time to meditate. When you’re feeling a bit stressed up about money and have time to truly sift through your thoughts and ideas. Take this solo holiday and find yourself. Mentally centered people are successful people.

7. Gaming

Complete Uncharted or put all your stress on an intense Mortal Kombat match with the server. Next time you play with the boys, you can show off your new mastered cheat codes and skills.

8. Catch up on assignments

Sometimes, all you need an extra four days of zero responsibilities to catch up on your work or school assignments. Lock yourself up and get the job done. You’ll be a happier person come Tuesday.


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