How to make sure she says yes to your proposal

Say the words, “Will you marry me?”

Unless the rules of proposing changed then Alfie, the guy who proposed to his woman at Pizza Inn did a pretty bad job.

While the video that has been making rounds on social media feels a bit staged and word on the street is that they had started shooting it a day before, it got us thinking, what is the best way to make sure she says yes to your marriage proposal?

It’s a big deal to wear your heart on your sleeve like that. Getting on your knees to declare your commitment to a person for the rest of your life hoping they feel the same way too is a scary decision.

If Alfie’s proposal was genuinely true, then I cannot fathom the amount of disappointment he must be feeling when the girl of his dreams said no.

So how do you make sure your woman says yes to your marriage proposal?

1.    Discuss marriage

Find out what her thoughts are about marriage. Is she ready for such a commitment? Discuss your dreams for a life together and let her know that you are thinking about it. This might just save you a lot of heartbreak or from marrying the wrong person.

2.    Plan your words

Again, do not ask her if she wants to be your ex-wife! Popping the question is a big deal to her too and trust me, she will remember your words as this is a special time for her. Let your words be true. Speaking in your comfort zone and simply letting the words flow without the extra push shows a level of genuineness and confidence that she may need to give you the answer.

3.    Pick the right occasion

You could wing it like in the movies and simply ask her on a random hang out but taking the time to pull all the stops gives you more points in her book. It doesn’t have to be on top of a mountain like This is Ess’ proposal, heck it could be on the streets at archives as long as she can see the forethought and effort put to make it a special name.

4.     Say the words, “Will you marry me?”

It’s not cliché.

Whilst poetry and performing her favorite song will sway her your way, these three simple words are a game changer. Most women have confessed wanting the guy to get on his knees and say those words.

5.    Get her ring

Yes, this is an added expense but a very intrinsic part of your proposal. She wants to show it off to her friends so make it good. Getting an engagement ring is tricky especially if you are not sure what she likes but the results justify the means.


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