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7 struggles of being a middle child that are so real

Middle child struggles

Sad Woman.

When was the last time you saw a post about middle children? It’s always about firstborns and lastborns. While both lastborns and firstborns have their struggles, let’s not forget that even middle children do not have it all smooth. They have challenges that you might never understand unless you are one of them.

For instance, most middle children can at least relate to these struggles:

1. That moment when your parents brought another sibling


You still remember that day when your mom came back home with your newborn and you were no longer the small baby. That’s when all the attention shifted from you to the little one.

2. You had to become independent fast

After your parents got other children, you were forced to learn things fast since all focus was on your younger siblings. So, you had to take up some roles from your elder siblings and probably help around in takin care of your younger siblings.


3. Nobody seems to notice you

In school and other social gatherings, people can only identify you with your older sibling or your younger one because they are well known.

4. Even your parents are too busy to give you attention

The attention is always on the firstborn child or the younger ones. You always seem to be forgotten. Or at least that’s how it feels at times.


5. You hardly get new stuff

Toys and clothes are passed on to you and you will hardly get new ones. By the time they get to your younger siblings, they will be too worn out so at least they will have the pleasure of getting new stuff.

6. You have to play both grown up and childish

When dealing with older siblings, you are forced to act maturely. At the same time, your younger siblings want to play child games with you just have to cooperate.


7. You have no personal space

If there are no rooms for everyone, your older sibling will be given preference and the younger one might also be considered because nobody wants the baby crying all day. You, on the other hand, will, therefore, have to share a room with guests or the nanny.


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