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For men: How to answer your lady's trick questions like a lawyer & avoid trouble

For men, check out these clever ways to answer trick questions from your girlfriend or wife to avoid getting into trouble

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In the intricate dance of relationships, one cannot escape the occasional curveball thrown by our beloved women in the form of trick questions.

These question can make you feel like you are in a courtroom before a judge.

As Kenyan men, we understand that navigating these inquiries requires that you channel your inner lawyer.

These cunning questions seem to come at the most unexpected moments, but worry not here are ways to navigate those moments and help save your relationship or save you from spending money for an apology.


Before you proceed, it is important to note that genuine and open communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship, so these methods should not replace, sincere dialogue when necessary.

Choose Your Battles

Not every question is a case for intense scrutiny. Picking your battles wisely is an important skill. Take the typical question about your whereabouts during a football match, for instance.


While it may be tempting to unleash your newly learned lawyer's wit, sometimes a plain and simple answer will save the day. Knowing when to lawyer up is just as important as knowing when to top up your fuel after your gauge stopped working years ago.

The Art of Deflection

The art of deflection is a communication technique used to redirect or shift the focus of a conversation away from a potentially sensitive or tricky topic.

It involves skillfully navigating discussions without directly answering certain questions, to avoid conflict, maintain harmony, or add a lighthearted touch to the conversation.

For instance, when asked about your plans for a boys' night out, consider a witty deflection that acknowledges the question without diving into specifics, you can say you're doing some research on hangout spots, then ask her where she would like to go for your next weekend getaway, leaving her guessing and intrigued.



  • Tricky Question: Does this outfit make me look fat?
  • You: You always look amazing, by the way, have you seen my socks?

The Cross-Examination Counter


Turning the tables with a playful counter-question is a skill that should be embedded in every Kenyan man.


  • Trick Question: Were you paying attention to what I said?
  • You: I value our conversations, and I want to ensure I understand you completely. Please clarify the last point, I want to understand where you are coming from.

Exhibit A - Humor as Evidence

Humor, a vital element in our everyday lives, can be a potent weapon in diffusing tricky situations.


When confronted with inquiries about your punctuality, a witty response like, "I operate on Kenyan time – fashionably late, but always worth the wait," not only injects humor but also makes light of the trick question. Disclaimer: This won't work if you are always late, so spare this technique for rare flaws or mistakes.

The Plea Deal - Compromise and Diplomacy

Compromise, a cornerstone of most relationships, plays a pivotal role in resolving tricky questions.

When faced with a question that you are guilty of, acknowledging it playfully can help you resolve it smoothly.

Consider the scenario where your wife questions the mysterious disappearance of her favourite hoodie.


Trick Question: Did you wear my favourite hoodie?

You: Guilty as charged, but only because your taste for fashion is impeccable and I had an irresistible temptation.

This gets you out of trouble and give you time to fix the situation. For example, if you 'accidentally' finished her wine, make sure to restock.


So, gentlemen, the next time you face a trick question, channel your inner lawyer and navigate the situation like a pro.

Again, it is important to note that genuine and open communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship, so the methods above should not replace, sincere dialogue when necessary.

More examples below

  • Trick Question: Do you notice anything different?
  • You: You always look stunning to me, so I'm not sure what's changed, but whatever it is, it only adds to your charm.
  • Trick Question: Wow! That girl is hot. Isn't she?
  • You: Which girl?
  • Trick Question: What is that one thing you don't like about me?
  • You: Your imperfections are just perfect, baby!
  • Trick Question: What is that one thing you love about me the most?
  • Whatever you do, never say one thing. It requires at least a 100 words description with an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Trick Question: Do you like my friends?
  • You: They are all good but you're the best.


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