How to break up with someone you still love and care about

What's the worst way someone has ever broken up with you?

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Sometimes circumstances force us to break up with people we still care about and love. And yes, it hurts but you still have to do it anyway. So, how do you go about breaking up with this person?

Given that you probably do not want to hurt the person or make it so difficult for both of you, you have to tread carefully. Try these tips to avoid making the situation more difficult.

This is someone who is already hurt that you are breaking up with them. Of all the many mistakes you can make, please avoid making it seem like they still have a chance. Give them closure by making it clear that the relationship is over and if you have to be friends, the friendship will be purely platonic.

It’s even more hurtful when you lie about the reason behind the breakup. While you don’t have to go into details, the person deserves to know why you have decided to end the relationship.

How would you want your partner to break up with you? Would you like it for someone to break up with you via text or would you want to have a one on one with them? Be very considerate and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to be done to you.

Choose your words carefully when breaking up with this person. Let them know that you cherished the moments you had and that they are not a bad person. Appreciate all the good things they have done then list the reason forcing you to break up with them. You could say something like, “You are such an amazing person but I feel like we are so different and we cannot be happy together”

After breaking up, avoid texting or calling this person. They are already having a difficult time moving on and you don’t want to make things harder for them. Plus, texting them every now and then after a breakup may send a message that you are still somehow interested in them which can be confusing.


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