Surefire ways to make a guy chase you

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Is it your crush or has the man you are seeing lost interest in you lately? What if we told you that it is possible to get a man interested in you again and have them chasing you like gold? It’s possible. You just have to up your game girl.

Now, if you are in such a situation, try out these tips that will have him chasing you like never before:

1. Play hard to get

Really, it works. Forget about those who say that a man will lose interest if you play hard to get. Men are hunters in nature and they will hunt what they want until they get it. If he sweats to get you, he will try hard to make sure he doesn’t lose you. Or don’t we all value the things we struggled so hard to get?

2. Play cold and warm

Don’t show him that you are so interested in him as he will lose interest. Leave him guessing where you fall. Be nice to him, show interest and let him see the warm side of you. This mystery will have him chasing you to know more about you.

3. Ignore him

Don’t just be available each time he needs to see you or talk to you. Ignore his messages and pretend to be busy even if you are not. The trick is to make him miss you badly and chase after you.

4. Don’t chase him

Never ever. If you chase a man, he has no business chasing after you. No matter how much you like him, let him be the one to do the chasing.

5. Show him there is competition

When a man thinks he already has you, he might relax and stop playing his role. And sometimes it only takes another man for him to realize what a woman he already has! Flirt with other men (not so much though), and let him know that there are other men who are chasing you.

6. Show him you can have fun without him

Hangout with friends, take selfies having fun and make sure he sees them. He will be jealous that you were having a good time without him. And the next thing he will want to do is to treat you to some more fun with him.

7. Don’t give him boyfriend benefits if he is not

If it’s a man you are just seeing and you are not in a relationship yet, don’t give him the boyfriend benefits. Let him work hard to get them. After all, if he can get the benefits without anything serious, there is no need chasing you.

8. Show him that you are special

Raise your dating standards and let him know that you will not just take anything. Men will chase after women with standards and ignore those who take anything offered to them. 


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