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Why s3x with a kienyeji man is the best (Part3)

A keinyeji man does not cum in 5 minutes

Couple going t the bedroom (Courtesy)

I lay there thinking wow sex is wonderful, sex is beautiful. I wanted to cry. Why did that feel so good? It was short but very sweet. I sat down, smiled and told him how nice that was. At that point, he was grabbing his cock which was rock hard and full of veins. See, a kienyeji man doesn’t even need you to return the favor. Stamina iko!

It’s not like these small small boys who eat pasta and need a hand job followed by a blowjob to get hard. Kienyeji men eat mihogo and chew on those stick-like things sold in traffic. Viagra? That doesn’t exist in a Kienyeji man’s language. “Uko comfortable hapo ama unataka tumove?” He asked and I told him we should move to the bedroom next to the living room, which we did. Now, there was one small problem, none of us had protection. But that wasn’t going to stop anything. I let him know not to cum inside me. I mean, Jonte didn’t look like someone who wasn’t clean – foolish, I know…I know! But there’s never a great story that started with “That one time I drank milk and slept…” sorry to digress briefly, but dare I tell you that I was more scared of being pregnant at that age, than of getting infected with a disease.


I felt him tap his dick on my inner thighs before rubbing it against my super wet vagina, first, up and down and then constantly on the clitoris, starting off slow and then increasing the pace. I heard the Ugandans call that kachabali. Kachabali must be a form of witchcraft because it felt like, like, magic! There’s no word to describe that intense beautiful feeling. Evidently, the man was not done with pleasing me before fucking me. It’s like he wanted to open me up completely to make me ready for what he was about to do to me. He turned me to the side into a spooning position, but his dick was in between my legs - on that day, I knew that the thigh gap has it’s purpose. He brushed his dick in between my legs and by then I was so wet and damn it felt good. Meanwhile, his hands were holding my breasts tight as he thrust back and forth. If you have never had a man rub his cock between your thighs, try it – see sex is not about going straight into the vagina. Tulia boss, take it easy. One step at a time. He then gently raised my leg, slowly inserted his dick into my vagina from behind and held my waist as support while he thrust in at first slowly and picked up the rhythm. “Si wee ni mtamu” he hissed as he fucked my brains out. Little did I know this was just the beginning. They say that many men do not last in the first round. Hashtag where? Have you met a kienyeji man? Ati cumming within 5 minutes. Nonsense! You’re fucking the wrong men.

The next couple of minutes were everything I never knew I desired sexually - being fucked deep, with the right rhythm and styles and having my clitoris stimulated by those manly hands all at once. Bruh! Even the windmill position – hell I didn’t even know that my body could contort into some positions; it was euphoric!

There he was, on top of me, sweating, his glands out and fucking me like he was getting an award for it. I didn’t even want to look at him or stroke the ndengu hairs on his chest. He disgusted me, I didn’t want him to kiss me. I just wanted him to fuck me. I grabbed on to the sheets as every thrust became more powerful, deeper and sweeter. I screamed as I gave him words of encouragement “Fuck me hard, oh yesss, oh fuck. Oh shit. Oh yesss.” I probably even told him I loved him. It was that intense lol. He huffed and puffed and let out a manly “Oh yesss, fuuuuck” as he withdrew and finished on my stomach. His cum was warm, and quite a thick load I must say.


He smiled as he ran his hands over my chest and thighs “Maze jo, we ni mtamu sana.” He took a towel that was next to the bed and wiped off the cum and I excused myself to use the toilet. Eh my vagina was satisfied. I had had great sex to last me for the next couple of months.

He went back to the living room, dressed up and I followed him shortly “Gai ata hatukukula. Wacha niwarm food tena.” I told him as I re-warmed the food in the microwave. Jonte ate and he left and yes, he got my number when leaving because obviously, I wanted that dick once again. They say that broke niggas have the best dick. I’m not saying that Jonte is broke – maybe he is, who cares, but if they (broke niggas) bring to the table great dick, fuck it, what do you have to lose? Let him fuck you good. Pay him with lunch he will not mind. Do remember to take your emergency pill though, you definitely don’t want a broke nigger fathering your child. God that was irresponsible of me, raw sex with a mjei nigga. Haha would I do it again? Oh! hell yeah. The only thing I would do differently is have protected sex because ya know? Better safe than sorry. Guys, get you a kineyeji guy because that’s the best sex you will ever have.


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