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Single during quarantine? Try these tips to pamper yourself

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Happiness begins with you. If you expect your friends or partner to be your only source of joy, you might be disappointed especially during this coronavirus global pandemic. Everyone is affected in one way or the other and we are all trying to stay sane.

For single people, you might suddenly feel the urge to have someone around you. A partner to share your worries with, someone to chat with when you can’t sleep or one to hug you and assure you that things will be okay when everything seems to be falling apart.

However tough things might be, this is not the time to start texting your ex or act desperately just because you feel lonely. Instead, focus on being a better person and being happy. It doesn’t have to take a boyfriend or girlfriend to make you smile.


Wondering how you can make yourself happy during this period? Try these tips and pamper yourself this weekend. You deserve it:

1. Read a happy book/watch a happy movie

If books are not your thing, you can always watch a movie you think is going to make you happy. Take a break from watching the TV and social media and focus on something more exciting.

2. Try something new in the bedroom


If you love exploring new things, this might be the perfect time to explore your own body. Trust you me, it might be the only way to know your most erogenous zones and transform your sex life in a way you never imagined. Don’t be afraid of trying different tricks by yourself and give yourself some pleasure.

3. Take a luxurious bath

Even if it’s for a whole day! Take time to clean your bath tub well and prepare it with all the fragrances you want to create a soothing environment. Get your drink ready and a book you love. Then soak yourself for as long as you wish.


4. Order that expensive meal and treat yourself

Don’t wait for someone to take you out for dinner so that you can order that expensive meal you have always desired. So long as you have some money on you, order it and treat yourself because you deserve it. Nobody knows about tomorrow, remember?

5. Some wine will help you relax


If not wine, then whatever drink that makes you feel good.

6. Dance yourself crazy

You don’t have to be good at it to do it. Just dance yourself crazy even if you don’t follow the rhythm. You are doing it for yourself.


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