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Valentine’s day struggles only single people can understand

What plans do you have for Valentine’s day?

Valentine's day struggles for single people

Just a few days to Valentine’s day. Are you ready? Have you gotten the plans ready for the lover’s day or you can’t relate because you are single? Oops, yet again! Worry not. So many others will be spending the day all alone because they are single. Not even a text message or a single rose flower to remind you that you are loved. Ouch! It’s life though.

If you have ever been single on Valentine’s day, we bet you can relate to the struggles we have listed below. If you have been lucky in the past years but this year’s Valentine’s day will find you single, then you will relate better once it’s Friday, 14th February 2020:

1. You can’t go out with your friends


If you thought that going out with your girls’ squad might make things better, you thought wrong. They will all be wining and dining with their partners at some cosy place.

2. Hey, it’s laundry day

And because you have nothing better to do, you might as well opt to do your laundry after all.

3. Everyone is dressed up apart from you


This year’s Valentine’s day comes on Friday meaning it’s a workday. While you will be dressed in your casual T-shirt and jeans, your colleagues in the office will be all dressed waiting to go out in the evening.

4. You have to listen to people make plans

You will be there wondering if they have to tell everyone how they are planning to surprise their partners.


5. Colleagues receiving surprise flowers and gifts in the office

Yours will only be to watch and envy as they receive surprise bouquets. Don’t worry, your time will come.

6. People posting and celebrating their partners but you can’t relate

So everyone seems to be celebrating the women and men in their lives on social media. But what about you? You either post your pet or your parents just not to be left out.


7. Everything seems to be reminding you how single you are

Every street in town will be all red. Flower vendors, teddy bears and other gifts will be all over and you can’t help it. Couples will be walking hand in hand all dressed in red and all these will remind you that you have been single for how many years now?

8. Walking into malls gives you 1000 thoughts


Wait until you walk into a shopping mall and you can’t help but wonder why on earth you don’t have a lover.

9. You swear not to be single next Valentine’s

And because everyone loves being loved, you can only wish and pray that come next year, you will have found your partner in love.

10. You will remember your exes


This is the time you might find yourself obsessing over one of your exes or even comparing all of them and wondering if you can get back together with one of them. Careful on what you do next! Valentine’s day is just a one-day affair.


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