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New app alerts office workers when they start to stink

Technology never seizes to amaze

Well, no need to worry about having that very awkward conversation because they can now be their own brother’s/sister’s keeper – if that makes sense.

Japanese developers have come up with a new device that allows people to tell when they start stinking.

The device reportedly connects to a Smartphone app via Bluetooth which then alerts that person on whether they stink or not.


The app was tested out by having one reporter walking for 30 minutes under the sun before reaching the venue.

The test found that behind the ear, there were fairly high readings of sweat smells and middle-fat odors.

The app would then alert you that “Immediate care is needed”.

According to studies, the number one etiquette concern in the workplace is body smell and a lot of people find it hard to speak about another colleagues’ body odor.

“We see challenges that these people are aware of but nobody has a solution for,” incubation lead at Konica Minolta Daisuke Koda said.


The device tests for smells in four different locations; near the head, behind the ear, under the armpit and around the feet.

The device is however currently unavailable to be sold outside Japan.


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