5 disgusting things you should know about your hotel room

You will never look at a hotel room the same after reading this

These reasons are not to scare you off from travelling and spending time in hotel rooms but rather to just be aware.

1.The hotel glass is not as clean as you may think

The glasses you find in your hotel rooms are usually not cleaned well because apparently housekeepers just rinse them in the bathroom sink and dry them with a towel.

That could probably be the same towel that was used to wipe other surfaces of the hotel room.

Opt for bottled water next time you stay at a hotel.

2.There could have been a couple that did “it’ before you occupied the room

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who chooses to stay in a hotel room.

There was a newlywed couple that stayed at that hotel room and they definitely got busy.

Even worse apparently is that hotel staff could also have had sex on your bed while you left your room keys for housekeeping.

3.Hotel sheets are not cleaned as often

To add on to the couple that had sex on that bed that you are currently occupying, apparently hotel sheets are not cleaned as often as you might possibly think they are.

An investigation was conducted by Inside Edition on 9 hotel rooms and the team sprayed a harmless, washable, fluorescent paint onto the bed sheets and using a stencil wrote “I slept here” on the sheets.

The writing was not visible to the naked eye but could be seen under UV light.

After checking out from the hotel room, the same rooms were booked and occupied the next day but the sheets were the exact same ones as before.

4.The carpets are hardly ever cleaned either!

Carpets are rarely cleaned in hotel rooms thus containing a lot of dried bodily fluids such as semen – yuck.

5.There could be bed bugs

Yes there could be a possibility that the bed in your hotel room has bed bugs regardless of how expensive your hotel room is.

The number of different people walking in and out of hotel rooms definitely makes it easy for bed bugs to be carried from one place to another.


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